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We are horticulturists with years of experience testing, evaluating and using all the African violet and gesneriad supplies we offer for your violet growing hobby. We make our own violet potting mixes and use only the highest quality soiless ingredients.

We have several blends of violet, gesneriad and hoya potting mixes made with premium quality sphagnum peat, coir fiber, vermiculite and hydrocks to promote healthy root growth and long lasting colorful blooms. Our "Wick-Mix" is a special blend that provides the perfect amount of moisture for wick watering. Our unique propagation mix is a special blend of vermiculite and perlite that promotes fast growth of leaf cuttings for African violets, gesneriads and other plant leaf cuttings.

We carry a full line of beautiful ceramic violet pots, self watering pots, oyama pots, and plastic African violet pots. We also have violet leaf ring supports, light meters, rooting hormone and other show quality violet growing supplies.

Our Hydrofarm T5 fluorescent grow lights are the best quality available and we have Jump Start fluorescent light stands with variable height light fixtures. Plus, we have quality humidity trays in several sizes and African violet and urea free blossom booster fertilizers.


If your plants have taken over the house and it's time for a new greenhouse, we recommend Arcadia GlassHouse models. They have the experience and expertise to help you select the quality greenhouse that's best for you. See their beautiful greenhouses at